This Cookies Policy sets out the basis on which we, Variowell Development GmbH, use cookies and similar technologies on or in relation to our website, (our website). This Cookies Policy is effective from 27 September 2021.

Necessary  cookies

● UMB-XSRF-V - Used to store the backoffice antiforgery token validation value. Session
● UMB_UCONTEXT - Used by CMS to store an ID of the users' session. 15 minutes
● UMB_UCONTEXT_C - used in maintaining the session state of the logged in user. Session
● UMB-XSRF-TOKEN - Used by CMS to pass authentication token used for antiforgery.,
Session, Necessary
● UMB_UPDCHK - Used by CMS to check for Umbraco software updates. Session
● __RequestVerificationToken - This is an anti-forgery cookie set by web applications built using
ASP.NET MVC technologies. It is designed to stop unauthorized posting of content to the
website, known as Cross-Site Request Forgery. Session
● .AspNetCore.Mvc.CookieTempDataProvider - With this cookie, information or error
messages in the website are stored. It is used for effective running of the website. Your
personal data is not processed through this cookie. Session
● .AspNetCore.Antiforgery.* - ASP.NET Core looks for this cookie to find the X-CSRF token.
● CookieControl - This cookie is set to remember the user's preferences about cookies. 3 months

Matomo Cookies
● _pk_ref - Used to store the attribution information, the referrer initially used to visit the website., 6
● _pk_cvar - Short lived cookies used to temporarily store data for the visit., 30 minutes
● _pk_id - Used to store a few details about the user such as the unique visitor ID. 13 months
● _pk_ses - Short lived cookies used to temporarily store data for the visit. 30 minutes
● _pk_hsr - Short lived cookies used to temporarily store data for the visit. 30 minute


How to accept or reject cookies

There are a number of different ways in which you can accept or reject some or all cookies and similar technologies. Some of the main methods of doing so are described below.

You are welcome to block the use of some or all of the cookies we use on our website. However, please be aware that doing so may impair our website and its functionality or may even render some or all of it unusable.

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